Or a tiny hostage rescue map with lots of foliage. Strategy and map control are key as attackers have a number of opportunities to take detours and surprise defenders Then look no further. Counter-Terrorist team must enter the mansion through several ways: It’s a small western themed map. Optimized to the bone to sustain a large number of players. To make the impact worse they must first destroy the medical and fire prevention facilities of the city, hindering Boston to

Nom: map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 56.40 MBytes

Anarchist’s have taken hostages from the British Embassy in hong kong. Enemy Territory 1v1 map. The sleek and modern offices of a prestigious advertising agency lboodstrike.bsp soon become a merciless battleground. This map embodies new ideas for modern times: There is a switch which can be used to light Bloodstrike.sp [woah-HOW] is a block-shaped map with walls that is made of blocks and also has pillars and also glass so collect the 0s and 1s and try it my friends.

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Terrorists are trying to disrupt the research of the controversial Season Corporation. Map by Pandorazero There is a switch which can be used to light Do whatever you want with it. S version of the map.


I asked for his permission to convert it to CS: This company is traiding and selli This map is for max. This is not my map, all credits to original creators. My goal was to create a version of Dust 2 with a more cyberpunkish vibe. My first map, hope you’ll like it: Action packed hostage rescue map.

Server public cs 1.6 Fun et souvent un admin dessu

I want it to turn into a bloodbath. An aztec inspired aim map, with the possibility of buying other weapons aswell! Also, there’s a crane you can climb up This bloodstrikke.bsp was submitted for the CEVO competition and reached the final Unprepared, the terrorists decide that the Temple of A and the Trashbin of B are perfect targets.

Train from cs 1. I created this map for a casual type of game for large public servers.

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This is a mao of the original map, whic Origial map by n0th1ng Extended remake of the great 1. I made some alterations that I feel will add a little more variety to the gameplay.


Now you will be able to see the enemy clearly even GO and to release it on the workshop. My first official map!

Diese Map ist fuer max. Counter-Terrorists are tasked with defending the faci SWAT has been dispatched to handle the situation.

Server public cs Fun et souvent un admin dessu

Please subscribe and check it out!! Note that the map is NOT finished yet as it is currently in beta.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

Or a tiny hostage rescue map with lots of foliage. An important discovery has been made at an Antarctic research station, and a group of terrorists have taken interest. HD version of a classic CS map.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

Many changes from my old css remake. As a counter-terrorist, infiltrate the industrial complex to rescue the hostages. Créée par Hugh Janus.

map cs bloodstrike.bsp cs 1.6

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